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Natalie Cheng-Kai-On | Naturopathic Doctor, Acupuncturist, Hypnotherapist

Natalie Cheng-Kai-On

Naturopathic Doctor | Acupuncturist | Hypnotherapist

I offer the approaches to medicine you’ve been looking for. Reduce stress naturally and you will improve your digestion, skin, allergies, weight, hormones, fertility, energy, and so much more.

Feel better.  Look better.

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What I assess during our first consultation

These in-house lab tests are included in the first visit fee.  I may retest in 6-12 weeks to observe your health progress



Urinalysis can identify infections.  Adrenal Koenisberg Stress test identifies hypo or hyper adrenal function


Bio Impedance Analysis

Bio Impedance Analysis or BIA tests body composition (fat, water, muscle) and cell membrane integrity



Darkfield or Live Blood Cell Analysis allows a glimpse into the state of your red blood cells and their environment


Physical Exam

Vitals and a concern-oriented physical exam can be recorded and revisited at each visit

What I Treat

Naturopathic medicine recognizes the individual and that everyone is biochemically unique. My health programs are customized to your own needs. Please contact me to design a customized program for you.

“The mind and body are inter-related, that’s why stress can trigger or worsen certain symptoms and conditions.  This is the reason why I manage stress to improve overall outcomes.”

How I Help You

I am a licensed Naturopathic Doctor with qualifications in Prescribing, Intravenous (Parenteral) and Injection Therapy.  I am also a Registered Acupuncturist and a Certified Hypnotherapist.  My practice is unique because I may use all or some of these modalities to help you achieve optimal health.  Check with your extended health insurance provider, as you may be covered for these services.

Naturopathic Medicine blends Eastern and Western medicine to treat the root cause of imbalance and heals the whole person naturally.  I may use lab tests to determine the root cause of your health issues, and then treat accordingly.  The order of therapeutics matters in the effectiveness of the therapy.

The addition of hypnotherapy techniques improves the efficacy of ancient Traditional Acupuncture treatments.  I find that hypnotherapy can enhance focus and relaxation, and help with long lasting positive changes.  You will instantly feel more relaxed and more focused.  This is a common therapy for stress management and fertility.

Non-invasive testing uncovers nutritional imbalances, then a customized program is created for you.  I use a Zinc Tally Test in the first visit to identify zinc deficiency.  This can be explained by poor nutrition, or poor quality supplements.  If necessary, further testing can be done via blood, urine, stool, or hair.  Some other tests available at my clinic are:  Food sensitivity, Organic Acids, Comprehensive Stool Analysis, SIBO, Hair Mineral Analysis, and hormone testing.  The cost of these tests are an additional cost.

Injection & Intravenous therapy by-passes the digestive system to deliver a customized boost of nutrients where you need it the most.  A thorough assessment and blood work are necessary before your first IV.  You should prepare by eating and drinking water before your treatment.  You can expect to relax in a comfy chair during the treatment, and many people instantly feel more energy afterwards.  Book a meet and greet to see if this is for you.

15 minutes to change your life!