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Building a Healthy Foundation Before Conception

“I am planning to have a family in the future.  Is it too early to start preparing now?” It’s never too early to build a healthy foundation for future conception.  When a woman finds out she is pregnant, they are often 4 weeks along, and they have missed the most critical time for embryo development.  […]

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Common conditions that Naturopathic Doctors treat

Your naturopathic doctor focuses on hormone balancing, stress reduction, optimizing nutrient absorption, and detoxification, with a special interest in fertility, pregnancy, and pediatric care.  Here are a list of some concerns that she successfully treats. Women’s Health – Endometriosis – PCOS – Menstrual cycle irregularities – Ovulation Men’s Health – Sperm health and quality – Low […]

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What’s in season close to home?

Fall marks the end of summer fruit, but the flavours of the season can be just as sweet and savoury if you now what is best at this time of the year. Head out to your local farmers market to discover fall flavours that come with the changing of the leaves. Here are links to […]

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Time to Fall Back – Preparing for Cold and Flu Season

Don’t forget to change your clocks when you go to bed on Saturday night.  Daylight savings time ends this Sunday at 2 AM which means you’ll get an extra hour to sleep in on Sunday. Fire safety officials like to point out that this is a good time to test and switch the batteries on […]

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Allergies – Can you prevent them this season? Yes!

It’s that time of year again – itchy, watery, red eyes or sneezing, runny noses, and congestion or difficulty breathing, asthma or hives and eczema.  It’s allergy time. Allergies are an over-reaction of the immune system to otherwise harmless substances.  While avoiding the substances and blocking histamines are common practice, they are definitely not addressing […]

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