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Building a Healthy Foundation Before Conception

“I am planning to have a family in the future.  Is it too early to start preparing now?” It’s never too early to build a healthy foundation for future conception.  When a woman finds out she is pregnant, they are often 4 weeks along, and they have missed the most critical time for embryo development.  […]

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My Health Journey

For the last 9 years, I have coached and treated hundreds of people in the area of stress management, an area that affects all of us at some point in our life.  My own experiences helped me to understand how stress management is often the missing puzzle piece in someone’s health picture. Since childhood I […]

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Far Infrared Sauna – Is it for you?

Far Infrared Sauna Detox, relax, lose weight the easy way with infrared… Many doctors now recommend an infrared sauna to their patients for a number of issues. Weight loss, blood pressure control, arresting and reducing high cholesterol levels and inflammation are some issues that benefit from use of the infra red sauna. Toxins deep within […]

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Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! Spring is the time for detoxification, inside the body and outside in the environment.  On this day, take the advice of Matthew Chen, 7 years old, who says, “We have to go buy garbage bags and gloves and participate…for a cleaner earth”.  We can all learn from him! In good health, Dr. […]

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